Not a wild one, just a mild one.

This blog is filled with all the things you’d talk to your Mom about… and the things you’d NEVER talk to your mom about. Know what I mean?

Real Talk. 

Please read my About section and the Disclaimer below!

**Disclaimer: Please Read!

**Disclaimer: I realize we all have different standards we hold ourselves to. In this blog, you will see mine. Like I said before, I’m covering things you probably wouldn’t tell your Mom. Some of these things are sensitive. You have the freedom to disagree with how I do things, that’s ok. I want you to know what and why you believe what you do. That is important.

But DO NOT claim to be better than anyone else or treat anyone differently because you think you live a better version of someone else’s reality. The things you read here will challenge you, maybe even convict you. If you feel upset about anything you read here, you should evaluate yourself and your thoughts. Make sure you are prepared to handle a world that is not as forgiving and gentle as we are here.

You may have another view point as well, I welcome all feedback in my comments and contact section and will do my best to reply to everything. If it is nasty, I WILL share it publicly and make it a teaching opportunity for all who visit this blog.

I’m not afraid to tackle tough issues.  If you have questions, please by all means, submit them and I would be more than thrilled to answer them for you as best I can.


The Mild Millennial