When a Man Says…

Bad word count : 1 When a man says... "I don't have time."  - Believe him "I'm not ready."  - Believe him "I don't think I should." - Believe him "It's not worth it." - Believe him "I'm an asshole." - Believe him "I don't like anybody." - Believe him "I'm misunderstood." - Believe him … Continue reading When a Man Says…


Aww baby! It's been six months and I have to say, I think its working out. I think you're the one. I never saw myself saying this out loud, I never thought I could feel this way about a blog. But every time you pop up on my phone I know what happiness is. You … Continue reading HAPPY 6 (month) BIRTHDAY!

Finding Your Passion

Which if us has big dreams? Which of us had them but has nestled into the comfort zone and released those dreams for something in the here and now? Do you remember those dreams? The ones that seemed to hold you by the arm and stay in your mind forever? Which of you is wondering … Continue reading Finding Your Passion

Review: The Experimenter- LUSH

This week's bathbomb was very interesting. The Experimenter from Lush was a fizzy surprise of tie die and earthy scents. Sometimes I find myself in need of being surrounded by color. An issue I often struggle to satisfy. If you're like me, and also feel this desire at random times this bath bomb could be your … Continue reading Review: The Experimenter- LUSH

Toxic Mom: Covert and Malignant Narcissist in a Christian Home Part 2

Last week I shared with you what a home is like with a mom with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I divulged that she was also a "Malignant" and "Covert" Narcissist, sub categories to the disorder. While a typical Narc expects everyone to love, adore them and tends to make everything about them, the covert Narc … Continue reading Toxic Mom: Covert and Malignant Narcissist in a Christian Home Part 2