Dating Tips for History Nerds: The Basics

We're a special breed. We know funny tidbits about wars and royal families most people don't remember outside of high school exams. We know exact dates of events, and chronicle world history by specific wars and empire changes. We watch street interviews and game shows, mumbling the answers to history and geography questions. We shake … Continue reading Dating Tips for History Nerds: The Basics

How to Get Over a Breakup

Breakups are tough. Every one of the breakups I’ve dealt with has been different. I despise that. I like to know what's coming so I can prepare and adjust, but I’m never so lucky. Breakups will never be painless and some hurt much more than others. I tend to seclude myself and work on things … Continue reading How to Get Over a Breakup

Special Announcement

Woohoo! I'm back!     Too much? ANNNND with some excting news!   I've accepted a spot with The Single Babe Rebellion as a contributing writer! This coming artlice is one I was writing for my site, The Mild Millennial, but I went ahead and had it published there first. Since I still own my … Continue reading Special Announcement

The Truth About Being Single

Well ok, there are so many truths. This is another post on the cycle we all go through. Remember the one ? This one Being single doesn't mean blissfully shrugging off everything that doesn't go your way. As much as we want to do that, we can't. Thats the mood I find myself in at the … Continue reading The Truth About Being Single

Toxic Mom Part 3: The Day I Left

After taking some time off from this topic I think it’s time to return because I would be lying if I said leaving meant it was all over. It’s not. Oh baby, it’s not. My senior year in highschool is what I now consider the beginning of the end. I had a job at a … Continue reading Toxic Mom Part 3: The Day I Left