Mild Millennial Christian Blog

Not a wild one, just a mild one.

This blog is filled with all the things you’d talk to your Mom about… and the things you’d NEVER talk to your mom about. Know what I mean?

Real Talk for the girls who aren’t married, think they should be, or aren’t sure what to do with the between time. This is for you.

I’m here for all the girls who might have had sheltered upbringings or are just starting out in the world.

Now, now. Slow down, I know what you’re thinking. “How dare you? I am well versed in the world and its issues.”

Yes, I’m sure you are. But you’re going to soon deal with things that you’re not sure about. Some things even your girlfriends won’t know what to tell you. Or maybe you aren’t comfortable telling them these things to begin with.

A little on me, your writer, The Mild Millennial:

I’m a 20-something woman living in the Midwest. I’ve blazed the trail of the dating world as a Christian in a way I think you’ll find helpful. Hopefully I can give you some advice, make you laugh, empower you, support you, and most of all stand with you as you hold to your values.

It’s not easy, I know. With a culture so bent on fitting you into a box it can feel so isolating to hold on to Christian values while trying to navigate the dating world.  

I was raised in the church and call myself a Believer. I’ve experienced many facets of life; pockets of religion, politics, relationships, and abuse. I grew up quickly and had to face some things many of you will soon, if you haven’t already.

I’ve counseled suicidal teens, joined a youth group full of teen moms, goths, ex-Amish kids, and good church kids (You know the ones I mean) in my middle and high school years. I’ve met Presidents, Congressmen, and other national leaders in my lifetime. I live on my own with a trusty and much too hyper dog. I’m single and love it -most of the time. I’ve got a regular 9-5 dayjob. I watch Netflix like it’s shutting down tomorrow. I write books. I’m curvy. I vote. I’m in that funny part of life where half my friends are married with kids, and the other half are single and unhappy. Over all I’m your average single woman in the Midwest. (Except being single in your mid 20s in the heart of Amish country means there’s something wrong with you. More on that later, babes.)

To boil it down, Christian, single, curvy, lives on her own, has a career-sort of, can handle her own … all on a sesame seed bun!

All in all I’m here to tell you, I may sound like I’ve got it all together but that’s far from true. I deal with some of the same things you do. I just write about them.

Enjoy! Check back as often as you can, I post twice a week!


The Mild Millennial 

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found your blessed blog and I think it’s awesome. I’m from Australia divorced Christian girl who too is navigating the dating world. I’ve read all your posts (how’s that for encouragement). I resonate with all of them and have clapped in aggreeance with so much. Please keep writing cos I need more modern REAL non purist Christ loving talk. So many of us do. What I’d love for you to write about (if it’s sonething that you feel is a relevant for you to share) is – finding a great guy who isn’t a believer. From my experience the only single Christian guys that are left (prob about 10 in total) are alittle odd deeply unattractive (to me) and so awkward. It’s so sad that there are so many great guys who can banter with a woman and be fun without giving you an impression that they completely FREAK OUT at making a move. So many scared Christian guys who may as well wear tshirt with one slogan I’M STILL A VIRGIN CAN YOU TELL?, What is a intelligent attractive socially ok Christian girl to do with the remnants of avail Christian men? Even online is the same.
    Thankyou for starting your blog and remember WE NEED YOUR VOICE

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    1. I’m so flattered by your words! This was the perfect thing wake up to. I’m so sorry you’ve had to be launched back into the dating world. It’s hardly fair. It can be rough out here. I will absolutely put your topic on the list. I’d love to tackle that in a few weeks or so. I’m so happy you’ve found me on here, and my content is relative. I’m so excited for the new things coming too! May this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 😉


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