The Battle of Hymns vs. Modern Music in the Church.

Why don't young people stay in church? Why don't they  respect tradition and the old ways of worship? Why don't they like the old hymns? I did NOT intend to touch on Especially not here. But here we are. I'm going to present my side of the issue and let you decide how you … Continue reading The Battle of Hymns vs. Modern Music in the Church.

Toxic Mom Part 3: The Day I Left

After taking some time off from this topic I think it’s time to return because I would be lying if I said leaving meant it was all over. It’s not. Oh baby, it’s not. My senior year in highschool is what I now consider the beginning of the end. I had a job at a … Continue reading Toxic Mom Part 3: The Day I Left

Male Body Positivity

Gentlemen, I’m talking directly to you here. I think you know this deep down, but I might as well put this into words and voice the truth you already know. Sometimes the justification can do wonders for the mind and outlook on things. Like men, women have a range of tastes in physical appearance. I … Continue reading Male Body Positivity

Waiting for Love

A couple weeks ago my 18 year old sister dropped a bomb on me. She took me out to grab some frozen custard and chat and Voila!! Out whipped her left hand and BAM a cute little glistening diamond was resting on her finger. I was floored. But not in the way I feel like … Continue reading Waiting for Love


If you wish to get lost in this story open this (safe) audio loop A Few Miles Outside Jerusalem, Passover, 33 AD., 3 am.  There was dead silence. I could feel it, thick as sheeps wool and heavy as it’s skin. My hands were warm and slimy with blood and I couldn’t understand why. … Continue reading Jerusalem