I swore up and down I’d write within a year of my last post. In fact, I created this blog thinking I’d produce content once if not twice a week.

Yeah that lasted a whole year until somehow in the spring of 2019 God was like “OK, lol, but instead I have a lot more that’s going to occupy your mind so how about no.”

I did keep the IG page updated so there’s that! (You can follow me here: @TheMildMillennial1)

So I’ll update you on my 2019:

  • I took a 10 day-much needed- vacation
  • Spent time with grieving friends
  • Strengthened relationships
  • Learned about my faith and it’s limits
  • Took training for mental health and behavioral issues in children
  • Outgrew friends
  • Made new friends
  • Narrowed down my needs
  • Evaluated basic things in my life for mental clarity/anti-stress
  • Crossed a few things off my bucket list
  • Met a dear friend in person for the first time
  • Went on a couple dates
  • Spent more time with family
  • Tried new traditions over the holidays
  • Moved house!
  • Made better steps to repair my relationship with my sister
  • Prayed long and hard about life’s direction
  • Shed many tears
  • Laughed until I cried
  • Wrote, assistant directed, assistant produced my 4th interactive dinner theater
  • Presented a class at a symposium in Norfolk, VA
  • Learned that I am indeed good at Volunteer Coordinating
  • Did more solo travel
  • Spent a few days on a beach (heaven!)
  • Worked a ton of extra hours for my vacation so I could completely relax and enjoy my time
  • Car bit the dust the day before Thanksgiving (that’s right, just before I left town for the holiday and as I was moving) and had to scramble to find another
  • Suddenly found myself with financial security I didn’t know I’d get to have for at least 5 more years
  • Read more books but bought more than I read

Sounds like the perfect year, yes?

It was actually super tough. But I made it through and it’s behind me.

Each new year I gather up all the memories and lessons and weaknesses and compile a hefty list of what I want to improve and give more attention to etc. But this year after getting settled into my new home and looking at the year and praying and thinking, I couldn’t get my usual list of things.

Granted I can always save more, do more, be more yadda yadda.

2020 seems to have come with explicit instructions to focus on 2 things.

Create & Heal

I don’t know what that means. I don’t know what that entails. I don’t know what to look for or where to start or how to finish. I just know those two words.

And boy is that frustrating.

I HATE being in limbo. I HATE not having a direct plan of action.

Life is very irritating for me when I’m in limbo.

2 vague words to guide my 2020 is…. another laugh in God’s deep chest. Yet another way He must show me that I need to trust in Him a whole lot more.

Guess He knows I learn by doing.

With 2020 being as wild as it is for the whole world I feel like it should be affecting me a whole lot more than it really is. Right now, I have this intense peace for just about everything bigger than me. Being an analytical person when huge, scary things come into view I naturally settle into a calm mood and keep doing my thing. I do what I can and help where I can. What else is there to do?

This pandemic has been less than ideal. I had to cancel something I’ve been looking forward to for months. Heartbroken and pained, I made the call, but it had to be done. Somehow this worldwide struggle feels like an answer to prayer in many struggled days and nights in 2019.

…and yeah I know,

But I asked God to also show me Him in the big and small in my days and well here we are so… here we are. (Yes, as you can all see I still communicate my galling humor through gifs)

Amidst the panic and chaos it feels like God served up time to work on Operation Create & Heal on a silver platter.

Who knows what this means but I’ve already had more breakthrough as of 3/27 than I thought I would on 1/1.

More to come, I hope.



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