This week I reluctantly went after the Milky Bath.  I only say reluctant becasue I’m never sure what I’m going to get for my money when it comes to bubble bars. If I’m taking a bubble bath I want lots of bubbles and fine smells.

This week all I craved was something relaxing. Mistaking it for a bathbomb I droped it dramatically in the water and frowned as it sunk to the bottom of my tub and didn’t release so much as a bubbly of air. A quick google search told me it was indeed a bubble bar and needed to be run under water. Whoops! hahah! (as I said, I needed relaxation, this past week as left me fried!)


20180401_105717 (1)

This has all the gold glitter still left from last weeks Golden Egg  My bathroom looks like Tinker Bell’s hideaway- but smells AMAZING. As I said, I love glitter and gold so there were no complaints here. Pardon the presentation folks.

It broke down easily under running water as you can see. The glitter was the first to go, and I didn’t see much of it in the water since there wasn’t much there on top anyways. The warm water and scent of cocoa butter and soymilk was the perfect aroma!

Way to go LUSH! This bomb was definely relaxing and certainly soothing. Lush says this contains olive oil as well but it wasn’t as slick as last weeks- which I am glad for. Once finished in this very hot, very milky bath my skin did indeed feel refreshed and smooth.

This bubble bar is perfect for your clear days that demand freshness and relaxation and a little aroma therapy with an added smooth skin for good measure.

5 out of 5 tubs for this girl.


Love & Hugs
The Mild Millennial

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