Hi guys!

This is my first official review on here. As I announced on Instagram, this won’t be in place of my regular posts, nor shall it interrupt anything I plan to keep sharing. Growing such a large following on IG so quickly, I’ve been asked to review some things here and there- as well as join the Illuminati 3 times in my first 2 weeks.

Needless to say this isn’t about money for followers (obvs since the Illuminati wants me.) With so much growth for this blog I wanted to have something that connects us -besides my world class humor and musings.

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Me though…

If you have something you’d like reviewed don’t hesitate to contact me! I can say right now, I don’t have much money to throw around. If you want me to review one of your products, I can afford about $10 or less. (Sorry guys, but I don’t want you to feel like I’m leading any of you on.)

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Review #1  The Golden Egg- Lush

This bath bomb caught my eye because I love gold and I love glitter. What else could I need? (Maybe I’m a magical creature…. hmm I sense a nerdy twist to these reviews now.)

Well, a word of advice. You’d better REALLY like glitter if you get this. The glitter is plastic free, which is fantastic. I recently watched a video on the chaos glitter is throwing on the environment, especially in our water because it takes SO LONG to decompose. (Go Lush).


When I bought the egg my Lush store didn’t have any individual bags so it was placed in with the others I bought that day. Because I touched it once I was COVERED in gold glitter for a few hours. Since its microglitter AND it’s heaped on generously, BE CAREFUL.

Once in use I couldn’t really smell anything. It felt nice for a little while. When I was done the olive oil and cocoa butter compounds must have really been working over time. The tub was pretty slick, and my skin had a slimy, oily feel. It wasn’t awful but I definitely showered afterwards.

I don’t suggest using this one if you want to feel fresh, and let the scent linger. You’ll want to clean up a bit after.

However if you want something unusual and you love glitter this is a good bomb. The water did turn a strong color. It wasn’t pleasing to my eye… my imagination wandered. (excuse my grout ahah!)

Lush’s website says this is a toffee scent. Over all I wasn’t displeased, the glitter lasted and shimmered nicely in the water. It’s decomposition was very beautiful to watch, so very mesmerizing! Soaking, I did feel relaxed for quite a while. But I doubt I’d buy it again. Hopefully the next glitter bath bomb intices me a bit more. 

Over all:

2.5 out of 5 glitter bombs


The Mild Millennial



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