This week I tried out the bath bomb, “Mom, Look What I Made For You.” This was $4.95 at my LUSH store. I grabbed it because it looked wonderfully fruity and fresh.

20180513_121530 - Edited

If like me, you bought this for the tropical feel it must have or the citrus smells it surely must possess, you will be disappointed.

The bomb itself looks like a burst of color.

It was.

Visually, it was very exciting.

It fizzed slower than the others and released a thin foam that does not last very long but the water was turned to a soothing rich orange.

Unfortunately that was the extent of the bath experience for me. No smell really stood out to me. I had to look up what the main scent was supposed to be. According to LUSH, “coconut milk powder and almond essential oil for a soft and soothing soak. A mix of cocoa absolute, coconut blossom nectar and chocolate extract…”

That’s why.

My skin felt smooth, I’ll give it that. But I couldn’t fully relax. (Perhaps I wasn’t mentally ready for spending some quiet time in my tub?)


I would not suggest this for total relaxation, or anyone really looking forward to a bath bomb and all it has to offer.

However! I absolutely would suggest this for any kids you have that might want to share the fun of a bath bomb. The fun colors and and eventual orange water would indeed not be wasted. If I’ve got any preteen girls with birthdays coming up, this is what I’m putting in a gift bag. At just shy of $5 its worth giving away to someone who’d like to try their first and isn’t hung up on scents!

2 out of 5 tubs of scentless orange water



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