Review: The Experimenter- LUSH

This week's bathbomb was very interesting. The Experimenter from Lush was a fizzy surprise of tie die and earthy scents. Sometimes I find myself in need of being surrounded by color. An issue I often struggle to satisfy. If you're like me, and also feel this desire at random times this bath bomb could be your … Continue reading Review: The Experimenter- LUSH

Review: Mom Look What I Made For You- LUSH

This week I tried out the bath bomb, "Mom, Look What I Made For You." This was $4.95 at my LUSH store. I grabbed it because it looked wonderfully fruity and fresh. If like me, you bought this for the tropical feel it must have or the citrus smells it surely must possess, you will … Continue reading Review: Mom Look What I Made For You- LUSH

Review: Madame President – LUSH Bath Bomb

Madame President is a Mother's Day exclusive from Lush. I chose this one today because of it's vibrant color....and the fact that it was falling apart quickly in my vanity drawer. Yikes. This bomb was quick to disolve, and moved in the water quickly. The yellow star takes the longest to disolve it seems. reading Review: Madame President – LUSH Bath Bomb

Review: The Golden Egg – Lush

Hi guys! This is my first official review on here. As I announced on Instagram, this won’t be in place of my regular posts, nor shall it interrupt anything I plan to keep sharing. Growing such a large following on IG so quickly, I’ve been asked to review some things here and there- as well … Continue reading Review: The Golden Egg – Lush