The Truth About Being Single

Well ok, there are so many truths. This is another post on the cycle we all go through. Remember the one ? This one Being single doesn't mean blissfully shrugging off everything that doesn't go your way. As much as we want to do that, we can't. Thats the mood I find myself in at the … Continue reading The Truth About Being Single

Toxic Mom Part 3: The Day I Left

After taking some time off from this topic I think it’s time to return because I would be lying if I said leaving meant it was all over. It’s not. Oh baby, it’s not. My senior year in highschool is what I now consider the beginning of the end. I had a job at a … Continue reading Toxic Mom Part 3: The Day I Left

On this day…

On this day in America 17 yrs ago we became collectively scared. Innocent lives were lost and evil prevailed. We're still suffering the effects of these attacks today.  But the sun set, the moon rose and set and the sun came up again. September 12th arrived right on time. Not an ounce of us was divided, … Continue reading On this day…

It’s my Birthday!

25 random facts about ME (*cough* I'm not turning 25) 1) My first name is Irish and unusual. I've never met another person with the same name. 2) Outside of the USA, I've traveled to Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Grand Cayman. 3) I've visited 30 of the 50 States. Still waiting to visit Washington, Oregon, … Continue reading It’s my Birthday!

Be a Better Communicator in 1 Easy Step!

I’m back! I’m back! Oh how I’ve missed you all. Today I was thinking about one thing. Well lots of little things but one BIG thing I wish more people did. I never noticed how much a compliment did for any given person until I spent a substantial amount of time with someone with a … Continue reading Be a Better Communicator in 1 Easy Step!