This is really just a list of some of my favorites that I don’t think get enough credit for as empowering as they are.

…need to be reminded of their own strength.

Oceans 8 — The style alone is enough reason to watch this movie but do it for some power women that even talk like empowerment oozes from them.

Pitch Perfect — This is a movie that gets funnier every time I see it. Very few in my life can do this. It’s an excellent reminder that while we can go it alone, you don’t have to and loving your friends is just as important as succeeding. I love the first one the most but there are three to enjoy- marathon!

First Wives Club — Post break up this is a great one to dive into with that extra bitterness and revenge.

Ghostbusters (17) — Belly laughs, funky clothes, a hunky Hemsworth, and Kate McKinnon. You can’t say no!

Girls Trip — Friendship and loyalty are showcased in this hilarious comedy. Definitely for mature audiences

Spy Who Dumped Me — Another best friends comedy but inspiring enough to help find your inner strength and discovering who you can trust. Not family friendly!!

Bridesmaids — Being reminded of your own strength, and being happy for your best friend who’s life is moving on without you. This film smacks crazy brides and slaps the equally crazy and obsessive new Maid of Honor rivals. It’s full of laughs and sobering truths on failure, life and love.

9 to 5 — Taking your life back with Dolly Parton! Need I say more?

Monte Carlo — This is what I like to consider a luxurious modern fairy tale. It’s cute, its funny, it’s relatable. It reminds us of friendship and confidence, with some cute foreign eye candy. Perfect for a slumber party.

A League of Their Own— The grit of women and mothers on the home front during WWII but women who still chase their dreams! When America’s men (and many women!) went to war, sports stalled. To save the clubs baseball created a womens league. This is their unique story. Remember, There’s no crying in baseball!

Little Women — We know the classic story. (I’m still sad Jo didn’t say yes to Laurie, but it’s fine….I’m fine…everything’s fine.)

I Feel Pretty — This movie while a little predictable, tells an excellent story on loving the body you have and trusting yourself enough to be confident. ALLOWING yourself to feel beautiful.

Miss Congeniality — (1&2) Sandra Bullock was fighting saving the day and catching bad guys, turning into my hero way before Bird Box was even a thought. A rough and tumble FBI agent gets an assignment to go undercover at the Miss USA pageant. What could go wrong? She’s also a lot more relatable in the beginning of the movie than I originally remember. #Whoops

Easy A — Really it’s just a good comedy about not caring what others think of you but setting your path on your own.

Working Girl — Sometimes we’re more qualified than our boss likes to acknowledge… I’m sometimes you get opportunities you just can’t turn down.

Hidden Figures — Women helped us get to the moon. Did you know that? Even better African American women. Their story only recently became more known, it’s such an exciting watch that inspires any girl to be proud of her smarts and abilities in a male-dominated field.

Queen of Katwe — Disney in Africa. Need I say more? This is a WONDERFUL film. Watch it!!

Barely Lethal — It’s cute and funny in a funky killer agent turns small town girl kind of way. Think Hanna meets Mean Girls and High School Musical.

A Cinderella Story — This classic Hillary Duff flick is one of my favorites. It’s one from my childhood that will always hold a fondness with me. If you like a good prom story- Jock meets smart girl and falls in love with an LA twist it’s a fun watch. Also good for a slumber party.

Iron Jawed Angels –  This movie has a great story line but has a more modern soundtrack. It’ll throw history lovers off but it’s still worth a watch.

Suffragette — A drama about the fight to win the right to vote in England. An incredible story I can’t remember learning in school. It’s good to know how far we’ve come.

Brave — Disney, Scotland, wild red hair… freedom. What else could you want?

She’s the Man — a classic early 2000s movie that reminds you girls are just as good as boys in a lot of things. I laugh every time I watch this one. Amanda Bynes pretends to be her twin brother to attend his school and play for his soccer team when the girls team at her school gets cut. A young Channing Tatum stars as a fellow soccer player. Did that do it for you?

The Hunger Games — (series)  Come on. It’s a female heroine who fights for EVERYTHING she holds dear. It’s always made me emotional. These movies are heavy, and serious but amazing.

Divergent — (series) A female heroine takes her life in her own hands for once and is suddenly thrown into turmoil with her government and its desire to silence others and misinform the people.

The 5th Wave — The apocalypse arrives and a girl is separated from her little brother. Risking life and limb to rejoin him she encounters a world of chaos and family ties.

Mulan — Disney hands us a power woman I LOVED when it came out. A woman takes the place of her ailing father in the military in ancient China. Need I say more? Oh yeah throw in a talking DRA-GON (Not a lizard. He doesn’t do that tongue thing)

Pocahontas — Disney again coming in clutch with the heroines. Pocahontas always has been and always will be my favorite Disney princess. She didn’t get enough credit when I was growing up and her merchandise is just now becoming popular. A Native American woman breaks social norms, and faces racism head on when her tribe clashes the new colonists arriving to settle Jamestown.

Bad Moms — (1 & 2) Stepping into this movie I wasn’t expecting to laugh as much as I did or feel as empowered as I did (and i’m not even a mom!) This movie is for the moms who worry about having it all together, or know they never will. Great for a moms night or girls night. Not family Friendly!

Wonder Woman — I think the title speaks for itself. Gal Gadot saves Chris Pine and then the world during WWI. I could go on but I think that’s enough.

Harry Potter — The series is rife with strong female leads! They do progressively become darker as the years (series) progress but I couldn’t suggest this magical story enough.

Princess Diaries — (1 & 2) NEVER miss a moment to love Mia Thermopolis, the average San Francisco school girl turned royal heir to the throne of Genovia. Meeting a grandmother she didn’t know of, princess lessons, love- what more could a middle school girl (and well me now in my 20s) want?!

The Help — I LOVE that the main cast is ALL women in this movie. Toss in a little activism, justice, heart and strength and you’ve got a darn near great movie. Set in 1960s Mississippi this film will have you glued to the screen the whole time.

All About Steve — Sandra Bullock plays her quirkiest role yet and is pretty loveable as a crossword puzzle creator and great big nerd. Bradley Cooper is a hunky innocent camera guy for a new station. They meet on a blind date, she gets a little too weird and he ditches her feigning a phone call from work. He leaves his umbrella and she clueless decides to return it, chasing him all over the place as he hops from big news story to big news story.

Man Up — A comical British film about a woman who is mistaken for a sweet, recently divorced, mans (Simon Pegg) blind date. Sensing a small surprising spark she goes on the date and plays along with the facade until things begin to crumble on the date when someone notices her, and then his true intentions become revealed. Turns out they may be more perfect for each other than originally thought.

He Named Me Malala — I have not seen this personally but my friends have been raving about it so I have to add it. See Malala in the days leading up to the Taliban’s attempt on her life, and through to her UN address. (You should probably keep the tissues ready too)

Soul Surfer — My sister thought this was the greatest movie. It really is a great film, if you think your life has gotten tough, remember you haven’t lost an arm to a shark attack. This a great film to remind you just how precious life, purpose and family are.

Captain Marvel — It’s not even out yet, but who isn’t reminded of their own strength with a female superhero and former fighter pilot!? Go see it.

Sing – No, I’m not kidding. It’s cute, has great music and keeps you smiling.


…want a solid romance.

Far From the Madding Crowd – it’s such a passionate British story.

When in Rome – It’s a hilarious movie with a star studded cast you have to love. One of my go to films for a girls night that needs a little life and laughter.


…need a good cry.

A Star is Born – Who knew Bradley Cooper could sing so soulfully? That Lady Gaga’s eyes could communicate so much. Be prepared to keep that music in your head for a while.

Steel Magnolias – Watch love flourish and die, a mothers love struggle and bridge the gap.

PS I love you — How do you heal after the love of your life dies suddenly?

Now is Good – Young Love. You will cry your eyes out.

Pearl Harbor – This has the worst script (spoken words.) But the cinematography is neat enough. If you like a good war movie (if you can handle the technical and historical inaccuracies) and want a reminder of the Greatest Generation’s 9/11 and love through it all it’s a good watch.

Nights in Rodanthe – It’s a Nicolas Sparks film so someone has to die or absolutely smash your heart to bits or both. (I’m bitter)


….want great cinematography.

Ana Karennina — This Russian story is one you want on a cold winters night. The film gives the illusion of never clicking to a new scene rather the camera moves around on a set. It doesn’t take away from the story, instead it becomes more of a story told and unfolding for you rather than a world inside the frame of your screen. There aren’t enough words to describe how beautiful the director makes it.

Moulin Rouge! — A musical with love and tragedy that mostly takes place on an extravagant stage. One you forget is just a set very quickly. Believe me. If you have a flair for the stage and extravagant colors and vibrancy of passion this is one for you.

Chicago — flappers in the 1920s, a murder, a women’s prison, a handsome big city lawyer, catchy music. What more could you want? Oh yeah Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones and and Queen Latifah? Richard Gere?

A Testament of Youth — This will make you cry. But the visual treat that it is will make you equally emotional.

Phantom of the Opera — Alright listen up, this is also a solid romance but the cinematography is out of this world. I have a ritual of watching this with all curtains closed, sound all the way up. Its one of those movies you have to be totally committed to.

I hope you get to enjoy some or all of these!



The Mild Millennial


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