Yoohoo!! I don’t know about you, but I’m really not feeling Valentines Day this year. Like. At all. It feels worse this year for several reasons. Nothing makes this holiday suck more than not being able to be with the one person you really want to spend it with. Am I right?


The Mild Millennial is running a countdown to your absolute favorite day (February 14th) on Facebook and Instagram. Follow me and laugh at each singles post. We made it through the holiday season, this is the last hurdle for a while, we got this!

Singles Awareness Day is an important and sacred tradition that must be observed in some way by it’s followers. Some are more dedicated than others. In terms of dedication, consider me a Nun of Singles Awareness Day.  Not sure if you should observe? Many of you are already observing this sacred day as it is.

First, one must hate the other holiday that has hijacked our day (Valentine’s Day). *spits on ground*

Second, a Single should loathe the seasonal aisle that has turned “red” since January 2nd in the grocery store and avoid it at all costs.

Third, a Single should have a game plan for the day. Since it falls on a Wednesday (Ash Wednesday at that) it’s best to soldier on at work with something to look forward to later.

Some suggestions from a pro, The Mild Millennial
-If you have kids, spoil them. Make them your Valentines. My dad always did this for me and my siblings, it was much needed in my younger years
-Bath bombs/shower melts. You can make your own of you’re crafty and have that stuff on hand. Try some aroma therapy, give yourself a spa treatment! Facemasks, cleanser, lotions, candles, diffusers,  anything to relax
-Pick out a fellow Single and make them your anti- Valentine and give them flowers or candy or a card. Let them know they are loved on this day
– Avoid restaurants. Have your meal planned at home ahead of time. (I’m telling you now, so you can plan accordingly) Even order a meal for pick up. The old Get-In-and-Get-Out routine
– Avoid couples. If you’re invited out by the mostly married or dating friend crowd decline politely and make the most of your night alone
– Avoid anything that will remind you of a tender memory or relationship. Don’t pick at the scab, babes. Let it heal
– Stock up on some good comfort food, including snacks for your night in
-Pick your entertainment. Movie, music, YouTube videos, a good book, audio book, podcast. (If you go the route of the last two make it empowering and positive) Stand-up comedy is also a good choice here. Rent a movie ahead of time. Have a few things on hand, you’ll stay up later than you intend, the last thing you need is to stew in your thoughts after you’ve run out of things to occupy your mind
-There is absolutely no shame in sending yourself flowers to your workplace, even anonymously. (I’ve done it and it’s so fun to let the buzz go through the office.) It feels good to see the flowers arrive too!

Fourth, avoid social media. You know it will be flooded with sappy love posts you don’t want to see or care about. Turn off your notifications for the evening. Especially one’s that promote picture posts. (Facebook, IG, Snapchat)

Fifth, accept that you will feel a little sad at some point. But think of every good thing about  being alone- because it’s just another day! Just think, not answering to anyone, not needing to check in before dinner, not having to spend money on a socially imposed desire to gift something romantic to someone. Think of all the money you’re saving, and the busy places you don’t have to worry about. No one is messing up your order if you stay at home.

Sixth, catch up on reading on The Mild Millennial blog and suggest some topics you want to read my take .

The day after I think we should all share our discount hauls from the stores, yes? Submit a picture to me on Instagram and I’ll share each of them! I’d love to know what you did to treat yourself.


The Mild Millennial



2 thoughts on “Singles Awareness Day Countdown!

  1. I never really cared for V day because I thought it was an obligation day to do something nice. I don’t like cut flowers or eat chocolate so the day never did much for me. I am not bitter but I would appreciate a guy more if he did all those nice things on a day I never expected to ‘get something’


    1. I always liked the day of romance, but when in a relationship I wasn’t a fan of going all out. It’s much more romantic to go all out on a random day. It’s the little things that say “I love you”.


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