Review: The Golden Egg – Lush

Hi guys! This is my first official review on here. As I announced on Instagram, this won’t be in place of my regular posts, nor shall it interrupt anything I plan to keep sharing. Growing such a large following on IG so quickly, I’ve been asked to review some things here and there- as well … Continue reading Review: The Golden Egg – Lush

Singles Awareness Day Countdown!

Hi all, I'm sorry I've broken my "Thou Shall Only Post Twice A Week" Commandment. I wanted to drop in and remind everyone of the countdown happening on IG and Facebook. On the 15th and 16th you can take a picture of your discount Valentine's/ Singles Awareness Day goodie hauls and and DM them to … Continue reading Singles Awareness Day Countdown!

My Wild Night Out

It was a quiet night. Dark, no one was about. The snow was falling softly but quickly. The street lights were glowing a warm yellow, their light descending and spreading like tall dresses silhouetting darkness. The snow was a surprise but most of my town had hustled home after work. The dreary weather, cold, rainy … Continue reading My Wild Night Out

Singles Awareness Day Countdown!

Yoohoo!! I don't know about you, but I'm really not feeling Valentines Day this year. Like. At all. It feels worse this year for several reasons. Nothing makes this holiday suck more than not being able to be with the one person you really want to spend it with. Am I right? SO! The Mild … Continue reading Singles Awareness Day Countdown!