Review: The Golden Egg – Lush

Hi guys! This is my first official review on here. As I announced on Instagram, this won’t be in place of my regular posts, nor shall it interrupt anything I plan to keep sharing. Growing such a large following on IG so quickly, I’ve been asked to review some things here and there- as well … Continue reading Review: The Golden Egg – Lush

Singles Awareness Day Countdown!

Hi all, I'm sorry I've broken my "Thou Shall Only Post Twice A Week" Commandment. I wanted to drop in and remind everyone of the countdown happening on IG and Facebook. On the 15th and 16th you can take a picture of your discount Valentine's/ Singles Awareness Day goodie hauls and and DM them to … Continue reading Singles Awareness Day Countdown!

A Little Less Than Feminine

Bad word count: I To be completely honest, my mother did her best to carve a lady out of this block of marble. I’m talking etiquette school in the city kind of lady. It stuck for quite a while but it wasn’t easy to find the happy medium between me and the lady she wanted … Continue reading A Little Less Than Feminine

My Wild Night Out

It was a quiet night. Dark, no one was about. The snow was falling softly but quickly. The street lights were glowing a warm yellow, their light descending and spreading like tall dresses silhouetting darkness. The snow was a surprise but most of my town had hustled home after work. The dreary weather, cold, rainy … Continue reading My Wild Night Out