Hi all,

I’m sorry I’ve broken my “Thou Shall Only Post Twice A Week” Commandment. I wanted to drop in and remind everyone of the countdown happening on IG and Facebook.

On the 15th and 16th you can take a picture of your discount Valentine’s/ Singles Awareness Day goodie hauls and and DM them to me on IG and I’ll post them and tag you (if you so wish!) You don’t have to be single to contribute, just someone who’s looking forward to the discounts!

I figure it’ll be a good way to lighten the mood and celebrate the holiday (and cuffing season!) being over!

Send in your proudest photos and we’ll rejoice together.

giphy (24)

^me late Wednesday night

giphy (25)

Bringing friends might be a *good* idea…

giphy (26)

Who knows maybe you’ll run into your Ryan Gosling while picking up your discounted Singles Awareness Day goodies. I know I’ll be doing my shopping in the middle of the night like the night owl I am.

giphy-downsized-large (1)

Try the be this cool. Maybe I’ll take advantage of the empty isles of my store to learn this super cool move only a single woman needs to take pride in.

In the end, just laugh about it and have a good time. Shower the ones you love in discounted candies and gifts because you can. And send me your photos!

The Mild Millennial


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