Bad word count 1


Where was I? Oh yes! 4 seconds from the doors closing and I have a 2 mile walk back to my hotel at Midnight in DC instead of the ¼ . 

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I’d turned my head to kiss him on the cheek and he must have been thinking the same thing.

In an instant we were kissing.

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Even having planned to get it over with myself I was still stunned and paralyzed now that he went after what he wanted. Let me tell you, that was the best 4 second kiss I’ve ever had.

3 seconds…

The bells rang again, signalling the doors closing.

We parted breathlessly. “I have to go.” I whispered. “Goodnight” with a dizzy smile.

“Goodnight” He whispered looking just as shook as I was.

We were both pretty dazed but I had to get off the train. The kiss was amazing but felt unfinished. Like the buildup was all still there.

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I jumped off just as the doors closed. We waved to each other as the train took off and I blushed and grinned all the way to my hotel.

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I told the three friends what happened and they were beside themselves with excitement. This was cinematic material! The top question everyone was asking was “You’re going to see him again, RIGHT??”

I didn’t have an answer for them. This was supposed to be a one time thing. A hit it and quit it. A one timer. A shop and drop. I didn’t carefully calculate having amazing chemistry on a first date, not to mention what was pretty much a blind date. I wasn’t supposed to connect with this guy on a spiritual level. I wasn’t supposed to have the best first last date in my entire life. None of this was supposed to happen. I wanted a nice time, I didn’t need to catch chemistry and let it linger.

That night Chase told me via text that he’d jumped off the train at the next stop checking to see if there was another train anywhere that would allow him to go back and spend just a little more time with me.

giphy (34)

Sadly there was no chance. “I’ve been riding the Metro for many years and never have I wished it would stop and stay at a station as much as I did in that moment.” He told me.

My heart! Obviously it took me a while to fall asleep.

Most of Tuesday had passed but around 6pm that day, knowing I was leaving in the morning I still felt that lingering tension of something unfinished. I sent him a quick text telling him I missed him. (Thirsty, I know. But something told me I needed to do it.)

Tuesday evening came and he replied. We talked late into the night. My friends were demanding regular updates on my love life. I reassured them there was very little chance we’d see each other again. After all I live states away and he’s in DC. We both have established lives and dreams. We may have gotten to know each other Monday night but it wasn’t like we were best friends yet. (that didn’t matter to everyone so invested in my lovelife)

Then. As if nudged by the universe itself his Hopeless Romantic heart did a little tug of war with mine. He asked me when I was leaving in the morning (at this time, mere hours from then) and I told him. He asked if I’d be up and around an hour before I left and if he sent me a text at that time I’d be able to answer.

Hesitantly I said yes. He gave me two options. Meet him in the lobby, or after he left, check with the front desk for something he left for me. He made sure I knew there was no pressure to do either one before I left.

Ya girl isn’t about to half-ass it after we’ve come this far!! Of course I’d meet him.


I told him I’d see him in the lobby of my hotel early Wednesday morning before he went to work.

You can bet ya girl was pacing her spot for a few minutes before he showed up.


Then suddenly there he was. Standing before me with 6 red roses in his hand and a card. I had no words. I just hugged him, I threw my arms around his neck and rested my head against his. I missed him all over again and he was standing right in front of me. He hugged me back. How did I get a date with such a sweet guy?! How has the dating world not ruined his spirit yet?

When we parted he spoke, “I just wanted to thank you for the most amazing date the other day. You’re such a great person and I had so much fun. I wanted to at least give you these…”

I knew I had to finish the kiss. I don’t know who started it, and I don’t know who ended it 4 separate times but we weren’t talking any more. Each time we parted he was looking at me with more wonder in his eyes than a child at Disney World. “Wow” He muttered between kisses.

The roses and card were on the floor, his hands were in my hair, we’re both breathless, and people are passing us with luggage and flagging down cabs with whistles. Somehow, in our little bubble, sound was gone and time was standing still.

We parted finally. He had to get to work and I needed to pick up my flowers.  He told me not to read the card until he was gone. We parted reluctantly, letting go of our hands at the last minute.

I returned to my room and packed the roses away. The card, I later opened on the way home. Inside was the most beautifully worded hand written note. He told me what he found my most attractive features, quirks and traits were, what he loved most about our date, he thanked me again and confessed just saying “goodbye” would be a mistake. He asked permission to continue to get to know me and stay in touch. He said he didn’t expect anything from me.

giphy (2).gif

A quick exscript:

“... To sum it up, I think to simply say “goodbye” would be a mistake. As Ted Mosby once said ” you will be shocked kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever that’s why when you find someone you want to keep around you do something about it.” That is why I’m here now. I have no idea what the future will hold, where our paths may lead us, or how our stories unfold but I do know I want your story to find ways to continue colliding with mine. I’m not asking for anything in particular or to make promises or give titles but all I want is to stay in touch, to continue to talk openly and laugh more with you. No matter what we still always have DC…”

I’m fine

giphy (3)

I waited several hours to respond to him. After I’d thought about it I told him yes, I’d like to stay in contact with him and see what happens. We’ve chatted back and forth and have resolved to just get to know each other. We’ll see what happens.


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