The Truth About Being Single

Well ok, there are so many truths. This is another post on the cycle we all go through. Remember the one ? This one Being single doesn't mean blissfully shrugging off everything that doesn't go your way. As much as we want to do that, we can't. Thats the mood I find myself in at the … Continue reading The Truth About Being Single

Finding Your Passion

Which if us has big dreams? Which of us had them but has nestled into the comfort zone and released those dreams for something in the here and now? Do you remember those dreams? The ones that seemed to hold you by the arm and stay in your mind forever? Which of you is wondering … Continue reading Finding Your Passion

Your Monday Positivity

I'll be honest with you. I've thought long and hard for a week and no matter what, everything I wrote down was trash. I couldn't finish anything either. It was awful. The harder part of being a writer: the writers block.  I was so good at scheduling out posts two and three weeks ahead, but … Continue reading Your Monday Positivity

How To Be Curvy- Part 2: Godly Body Positivity

Yo, who knew Christians could have a take on absolutely everything? I wanted to expand more today to a broader audience on this topic. There is no nailed down standard of beauty. There just feels like one. Yes, "culture decides" but you need to accept that it's what a bunch of people in media think … Continue reading How To Be Curvy- Part 2: Godly Body Positivity