Yo, who knew Christians could have a take on absolutely everything? I wanted to expand more today to a broader audience on this topic.

There is no nailed down standard of beauty. There just feels like one. Yes, “culture decides” but you need to accept that it’s what a bunch of people in media think is the most average beauty and they throw it out there for the world. Marketing is telling people they need something they don’t and that they can afford it with money they don’t have.

Think about that the next time you see trends pushed.

For example! (Just because this has me heated this week.) COACHELLA! I’m so sick of hearing about that stupid music festival. WHY? Because there is no chance little Midwest Me is going to fly to Cali and attend a hotbed of drugs, sex and alcohol. But that does not stop all the ads I see for it because I’m in their targeted age group! Also it looks like a blast to anyone down for a reckless time, which is me every other day. (worried laughter) Seriously, Monday, Wednesday, Friday I’m ready to hitchhike my way to a fun place like that. The off days, my practicality holds me down and keeps me from living my best life.

Attractiveness is no different. We are sold an image of what the standard seems to be for the year and we agonize trying to fit it.

Models don’t even fit the standard they are selling. The models probably don’t even recognize themselves in those ads. Ok? As said on Girl Code, “Those models, don’t even look like those models on the ads.” Plus we all know the lies of airbrushing, right? 

Beauty Standards have changed over the years. Take this article for example, How Our Standards Of Beauty Have Changed Throughout History. 

Look at that progression! Because it’s what evolved slowly as what was desirable as the world changed.

If I lived in the Edwardian Era, I’d have the best figure in those clothes! Haha!! I wouldn’t get on so great with the no voting thing and what not but ya know…. There’s a reason I’m here in 2018 (sadly. Trust me I’d whisk myself away to 1940 in no time.) We’re all different. We all like different things. Look at your range of celebrity crushes. All different ages and types aren’t there? Probably a few common threads, but over all physically they are a little different here and there.

Other countries even see beauty in different ways. Like I explained last week about different cultures liking different things. The world sees beauty in so many forms, its so humbling to see! All across the world!


This is so important!

Beauty is relative. It always has been and it always will be.

But here’s the clincher. God made every woman. Thus she is beautiful. Beauty is not measure of a woman, nor is it what influences the people around you. Keep your heart, soul and mind beautiful and let the rest of your physical body follow. (It does. Trust me.)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You decide if you want to believe them or not.


The Mild Millennial

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