This week was EXTRA bubbly. And it was magical. I tried the LUSH Unicorn Bubble Bar. Sadly this item has been discontinued…being seasonal and all. I’ll do my best to get to the popular stuff faster in the future.


It turned the water a rich magenta/ purple color that lasted and delivered an abundance of bubbles with calming lavender perfume. It was a cold day outside and this hot soak was just right.

This is a thicker bubble bar with some glitter. I think I grabbed a small one for $7.95 I’d like a little more bar to my bubble but it held up well with the long drive back to my house from the Lush store. Some do not!

Since it’s a bubble bar you do have to run it under your water and help it break down- be sure not to forget your food on the stove when you turn the water on this puppy. If you want good bubbles you need to nurse this into the water.

It is well worth it though!

I had to swish the bubbles around so you could see the pretty water. (haha!!) Looking at it, I’m getting kind of a funky vibe from this shot. Hey, I’m not perfect and it was a nice bath. Enjoy.


4 our of 5 glitter clumps from The Mild Millennial

For more reviews check out The Golden Egg and The Milky Bath

Love& Hugs

The Mild Millennial


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