Back at it again.

No pictures this time, sorry guys. I had camera issues this week.

I tried Lush’s Twilight bath bomb. It was a larger bathbomb and it’s featured scent is lavender oil. Available for purchase for $6.95

This bathbomb foamed rather than fizzed. It took a long time to fully dissolve. So long in fact, I gave up waiting and watching and just got in before the water got cold.

It foamed slowly but released the most heavenly smells and turning the water a midnight deep purple. The foam did not last very long, but the smell did. I felt silky smooth, and didn’t notice any residue in the tub which is a plus!

About halfway through its decomposition the middle portion exposed blue. It fizzed more than the rest, but was still slow. I helped it along by moving it around and crumbling it a bit.

Overall it was still an exciting bath bomb with no surprises. If you want a burst of color and lasting scent this is the one for you. I’d suggest bathing in this at night, to enjoy its twilight feel completely. Be sure to have the time and patience to watch it dissolve though and make the water nice and hot so you can slip into a bath before it gets too cold after all is said and done.

3 out of 5 twinkling stars


The Mild Millennial

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