I’ll be honest with you. I’ve thought long and hard for a week and no matter what, everything I wrote down was trash. I couldn’t finish anything either. It was awful. The harder part of being a writer: the writers block.  I was so good at scheduling out posts two and three weeks ahead, but not lately.


So for lack of a better idea, I’m giving you the list one of my friends told me to make after my most painful break up. He said, “Hey, on the brightside you’re back on the market for all those celebrity crushes!”

I thought, Hey! You’re right! I’ve still got a very slim chance with my celebrity crushes! As a laugh I put it together but just keep adding to it for fun.

Without futher adieu, my list of celebrity crushes:

Bill Skarsgard – I wish I could explain this one. I really do. My friends give me so much grief for this. He’s got that “Hot But Not” factor. He’s hot most of the time. And he’s taaaaall. Deliciously tall. One of my weaknesses.

Chris Evans – I mean… hello? The man is FINE.

Miles Teller – look at that cute smile though

Eric Balfour TBH this is one I didn’t see coming. But then I saw the show “Haven” and he grew on me.

Jensen Ackles – His voice only helps his case…Da Vinci’s Golden Ratio Mask of perfect facial proportion and symmetry.? Surprise. Jensen fits it flawlessly. 

Armie Hammer- his smile is charming and his voice is also beautiful

Tom Hardy – Hilarious and much too attractive in “This Means War”

Josh Hutcherson- I loved him when we were 9, and I still do.

Enver Gokaj- Liked him in “Dollhouse” and LOVED him in Agent Carter. He’s got those old fashioned good looks. YUM.


Should I slow down?

I can wait. Take your time.





Ok lets go.


Cillian Murphy – It’s the Irish accent…

John Krasinski – He’s just adorable.

Dylan O’Brien- It’s the smile

Jack O’Connell

Tom Hiddleston – He’s such a gentleman, that gets me.

Tom Holland

John Boyega- he’s just so loveable

Lee Pace – Dreamy in “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day”

Alex Pettyfer

Christian Bale

Andrew Garfield – perfectly nerdy

William Mosely

Benedict Cumberbatch

Anothony Mackie

Jake Gyllenhall

Bradley Cooper

Damien Lewis

Jeremy Renner

Michael Huisman- A most lovely Dutch man

Dan Stevens

Diego Luna

Theo James – oh my

Gerard Butler

Richard Gere (young)

Jeff Bridges (young)

Josh Lucas- also his voice. Ayyye

Eion Bailey

Scott Eastwood- You’d better not ask me about him because you’ll get an ear full. YUUUMM

Josh Hartnett – Pearl Harbor. Need I say more?

Tom Cruise – ok yeah, pilots are hot…

Eric Stoltz (young) – Ok give him a chance in the John Hughes film “Some Kind of Wonderful”

Maxwell Caulfeild (young) – Grease 2 though… (psst unpopular opinion: I like the 2nd more than the 1st)

Jermey Irvine

Becasue this just isn’t long enough and I’m not at all pressed for time: A quick list of the fine gentlemen of days gone by…

Jimmy Stewart – he’s got such a sweetness about him

Gene Kelly – That smile thoooooo ugh

Gregory Peck – OH MY

Steve McQueen

Marlon Brando

Cary Grant

John wayne

Robert Mitchum

Yes, this did take forever… Share yours in the comments. We can coo like school girls once again.


The Mild Millennial


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