This week’s bathbomb was very interesting. The Experimenter from Lush was a fizzy surprise of tie die and earthy scents.

Sometimes I find myself in need of being surrounded by color. An issue I often struggle to satisfy. If you’re like me, and also feel this desire at random times this bath bomb could be your answer.


Color certianly abounds in this bomb. I wasn’t expecting such a mystical, psycadelic mix of colors in this foam.

(As you can see I had a very mesmerized helper.)

Once the foam dissapeared I was left with a murky green water. I can’t really tell if I liked it or not. It smelled so earthy it reminded me of a green muddy puddle. A light dusting of gold glitter (always my favorite part of a bath bomb) was rolling in the water as well.

This was not oily or greasy and didn’t feel the need to shower off. After draining the tub however the gold glitter was at the bottom in vary large, alarming silt looking fashion. I did indeed have to rinse it all away with the shower nosle.

4 pyscadelic dreams for color and presentation, -1 muddly puddle for scent desirability.

 3 out of 5 psycadelic dreams for me


The Mild Millennial

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