Which if us has big dreams?

Which of us had them but has nestled into the comfort zone and released those dreams for something in the here and now?

Do you remember those dreams? The ones that seemed to hold you by the arm and stay in your mind forever?

Which of you is wondering when something is going to grab you with such passion and ambition you can’t breathe without thinking about it and wanting it? Wondering why you don’t have any? If you’ll ever feel so strongly about something? If you’ll ever get that zest for life itself?

One day it will hit you out of nowhere.

I heard that from so many motivational speakers. I’d listen thinking, “Oh man, maybe I’ve missed it. I’m just not interested in anything enough. There’s something wrong with me.”

Not so. Like a sneeze, you’ll know when it hits you.

I can’t remember when exactly I got this dream of what I wanted (mind you this is a goal not a career move or anything) but I knew the moment it came together that I wanted it and nothing was going to stop me from getting it.

I have an image of my dream house and its sunk its claws into me so deeply that I can’t shake it. It’s not a temporary fascination all writers get. No, no. This is a passion I just know, that I know, that I know is mine and will be mine. I’m a broke Millennial, there’s zero chance this is happening tomorrow but Katie bar the door, it’s up to me alone so it will happen. I’m going to make it happen, there’s no question. I’m making plans.

My dream home is so much more than a house, four walls and a roof. It’s a home. It’s peace, and solace, and comfort, and love and good food and memories. It’s HOME as it should be.

If you don’t really care about MY dream home, (really, I get it) now is a good time to stop and read another of my wonderful posts and drop a comment or a like.

My dream home is going to be HOME to me and anyone I know. It’s not much, I don’t need much. But it will be everything.

It’ll be a small home with a large front porch. It can wrap around 2-3 sides. Big enough to have rocking chairs and a swing comfortable enough to fall asleep in on a summer day while reading a book. The porch will be where I enjoy the world at its slowest pace, where I’m disconnected, where I can chat for hours with someone, enjoying their company or watch a thunderstorm. I’ll have lots of potted plants and flowering bushes out front. There will be color.

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The front door will be some vibrant color, I can’t decide which. But the screened door will be a farmhouse door with the proper decor. It can even creak and make a ruckus each time it’s opened and closed.


The front room will be the largest room, the living room. Enough room for lots and lots of books and artifacts from all the places around the world I’ve seen and experienced. A place of knowledge, comfort, family, learning, and sincerity. Everything good happens in this room. Whether it’s just me or a whole host of people over for game night, it’s built to make memories and will thrive on laughter and love.

Beyond that is the dining room. A simple room, hanging pictures will be gifts from loved ones, artwork that is attached to someone important to me. A large dining room table with enough chairs to host a sizable Friends-giving. (More on that later, kids). When not hosting it will be big enough for my next project -I tend to spread out and brainstorm.


Off the dining room I’d like a spare bedroom. Simple, a window or two and a bed. Mainly for anyone who needs a place to stay for a while. A small bathroom attached.

The kitchen will have lots of natural light. A window over the sink is a must, lots of counter space as well, including an island. A small eating nook in the corner. The back door will be a dutch door with a window and thin curtains.


A full bathroom off the kitchen filled with green leafy plants and most importantly, a big claw-foot tub, large enough to soak in.


Upstairs, is a loft maybe, or just a split finished attic. A bedroom on one side and office/ project space on the other.

The back door opens to a vibrant backyard. A small stone patio with sitting room for 4-6 people.  Lots of easy to grow flowers that I can clip and keep inside the house and sell if I like.

Further into the yard, a garden with enough for me, a few neighbors and enough to sell in front of my house. Some fruit trees, grape vines, berry bushes, large wisteria vines, lavender, lilacs. A woven hammock is also a must.


It may not sound extravagant, but I don’t need extravagance and grandeur. I want homey, welcoming and comfortable.



The Mild Millennial



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