Bad word count : 1

When a man says…

“I don’t have time.”  – Believe him

“I’m not ready.”  – Believe him

“I don’t think I should.” – Believe him

“It’s not worth it.” – Believe him

“I’m an asshole.” – Believe him

“I don’t like anybody.” – Believe him

“I’m misunderstood.” – Believe him

These are things I consider subtle red flags. The last two are more pointed, but when a man even jokes any of these he’s usually telling the truth.

When these things are said you are usually wanting to believe the opposite, so you do. A few weeks, months maybe even years later you are left heartbroken and clueless.

Well wonder no more babes! When a man in your life says any of these things or their variations BELIEVE HIM and WALK AWAY right then and there.


What he really means is you aren’t a priority, you aren’t fitting the bill, he’s a jerk most of the time, there’s a reason he doesn’t like anyone (Psst, it’s because no one likes him! Obvs there’s a reason for that too) he’s the victim too often for it to be true.

All of these flags are just a drop in the bucket to the astronomical list of others we have to look out for. Sadly, they are ones we ladies find ourselves rushing in to “fix” and wind up getting our hearts broken in the meantime.

If a man wants to be with you, a natural disaster won’t keep him away. (Ok, maybe a hurricane -but you know what I mean!)

Men are hunter/gatherers. He will come after what he wants. If he doesn’t come after you he’s not interested. (all of this to say, I will also be covering the ones that come on too hard.)

What next?

Honey, you pack up your frying pan, grab the cat and go. Don’t wait around to convince him you’re the one for him. If he thought so he’d be begging you not to go, slaying dragons, jumping fences to keep you. I’ve had male friends more committed to our friendship than some men I’ve had relationships with.

If he acts indifferent- believe him!

Pack up and go, bb. You wrap your loving little heart up and move on. Do it now before your heart breaks for real when he ends up showing you in painful ways how little he cares for you.  (Honey, it’s so painful.)

There is someone out there who would lay down his life for you, and you for him. Wait for that mad, passionate, extraordinary love. The love that mirrors God’s love for you.

When a man says,

“I love you” – Believe him

“I want you to meet my family.” – Believe him

“I want you.” – Believe him

“You are what I want” – Believe him

“I care about you.” – Believe him

“You are my everything.” – Believe him

“I choose you.” – Believe him

Let him SHOW you these things before you go catching feelings.

When a man shows you these, you won’t have to prove anything.

**I should note: Men are still going to make dumb decisions and forget to choose you sometimes. I’m talking about consistent actions and words in this article. If you’re wondering and he’s saying those thing in the first list, it’s time to go. If he’s following the second list, let him know you love, respect and appreciate him. He’ll come back around.

What other phrases are red flags to you? I want to know!


The Mild Millennial


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