I’m back! I’m back!

Oh how I’ve missed you all.

Today I was thinking about one thing. Well lots of little things but one BIG thing I wish more people did.

I never noticed how much a compliment did for any given person until I spent a substantial amount of time with someone with a big personality. This person gave compliments away to people like throwing candy in a parade. She told anyone and everyone what she liked about them. She told the cashier at the grocery story that she liked her rainbow hair and star earrings. She told her boss she liked his laugh while laughing with him. She told her friends everything she loved about them. When I asked her why she said, “Why shouldn’t they know something good? Sometimes it just means being seen.”

Sometimes it just means being seen….

That cashier probably had 5 scoffs and a bold “why’d you go and color it so bright?” before 11am that day. But when we came through her line, we saw her.

Everyone remember this song?

Tell Her About It by Billy Joel

This is something we all need to do more of.

To those of you in relationships:

Tell your significant other WHAT YOU LIKE AND DON’T LIKE. You like how he smiles when he kisses you? TELL HIM. You like the way she seems to make brushing her hair outrageously attractive? TELL HER. You like the way they tell you about their day? TELL THEM. Every little detail you come across, express that you like it. You don’t like how the question was asked? TELL THEM.  You felt like they misunderstood you? TELL THEM.

Keep talking.

Just keep talking.


My main peeps. My homefries. My…. sizzle slices (don’t ask, I just made it up but I kind of love it.) Make this a habit now. I don’t care if it feels weird, it will get easier quickly. Begin noticing things about people you like. You might start liking people. It doesn’t have to be romantic. You can tell someone you like the way they answer the phone and laugh about it. A compliment stays with people.

(Pssst, Gents, this is an EXCELLENT way to begin flirting too if you want.)


You like a girl’s dress? Tell her. You like a guy’s shoes? Tell him. When I cut my hair into a pixie, I got so  many compliments I thought I was going to melt into a puddle of love and smiles. My aunt complimented the way I drink- pinkies up kids! (Turns out those etiquette school lessons paid off!) I was 11 and it’s never left me. 

Start noticing the beauty in people now. Start acknowledging it. It will make you a better communicator.

Trust me on this one.


The Mild Millennial

(Ahhhh it’s good to be back!)

2 thoughts on “Be a Better Communicator in 1 Easy Step!

  1. It has helped me smile when I speak to people and even makes me feel great seeing people break into a smile realizing someone “saw” them today. It’s very rewarding. When the friend I mentioned in the post did this she sounded like she was in a kindergarten class but everyone loved her.


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