25 random facts about ME (*cough* I’m not turning 25)

1) My first name is Irish and unusual. I’ve never met another person with the same name.

2) Outside of the USA, I’ve traveled to Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Grand Cayman.

3) I’ve visited 30 of the 50 States. Still waiting to visit Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Alaska, Hawaii

4) I have a pretty lengthy bucket list and intend to finished all of it in my lifetime.

5) I LOVE scrolling Pinterest. That’s where I get 60% of my posts for you all on Instagram. It’s the best place to find the writing prompts, inspiration, a good laugh, and a good cry.

6) I LOVE the Graham Norton Show. I don’t like any other talk shows (James Corden is a very distant second. But compared to Norton, they all force the laughs way too much. ) I love the natural humor and funny stories with the people on the couch.

7) My life should be a reality TV Show. My friends and I often remark on this. Our lives together are hilarious and ridiculous. You can’t make up the stuff we encounter.

8) I love Harry Potter but secretly love Fantastic Beasts more. I know, I know! Que the gasps! But here’s why, I never got to love them with the pace of the rest of the world as they came out and the movies arrived. I can with Fantastic Beasts and it’s amazing. It’s my turn to enjoy it in that way with the masses. Plus I LOVE history, any magic taking place in the 20th century will have me in the theater and reading the book faster than you can guess my Patronus.

9) The first things you notice in my home when you walk in are the sheer multitude of books and the old feel to my decor. On the coffee table, the dining room table, the kitchen counter, 4 bookcases, my couch, the floor, the books are everywhere. They’re all in the process of being read and used in some project. The older items well… My friend was house sitting a few years back and invited a date over (which I wasn’t too pleased about since I didn’t know the guy and I really don’t want to know how the date went.) He asked about me after looking at the sheer multitude of books on all topics, seeing black and white photographs on the walls, a typewriter in one corner (yes it works), and a record player in the other. “Is she older?” He asked curiously. My friend got a kick out of it since she’s 10 years my senior but told him, “No, that’s just how she is.” (LOL thanks girl…)

10) I love theater. I was in my first community production at 13, It’s a Wonderful Life. Since then, I’ve been involved in 12 other shows in every position there is and loved it. If you ever get the chance to be involved in something like that, I encourage it!

11) I’ve been to a masquerade ball. It was pretty magical. Formal gowns, masks and all. Went without a date and had a grand time. #WorthIt

12) I’ve been up inside a B-1 Bomber (Rockwell B-1 Lancer). It was pretty cool. I’d love to see it again- this time with permission.

13) I love seafood. Always have, always will. I don’t love it fried, that takes all the taste out.

14) I’ve reenacted Rosie the Riveter (I’m not saying cosplay because those two are very different) at a couple D-Day reenactments and events and honestly it’s so easy and so fun. If you like the era, can throw together an outfit, nail the air and makeup I highly suggest trying it.

15) I love adventure. If I go long stretches of time without a change of scenery or learning something I can become very withdrawn and depressed. I have to plan myself a couple vacations here and there to make sure I’ve given my mind a break,

16) If I have a friend who is going through a rough time I “sign them up” for a 2 week subscription of me sending them one song a day to cheer them up via text. It’s not much but I’m told it helps. So I’ve got that going for me.

17) I’ve never been skiing and ice skating nor do I love roller coasters. Weird? It is for someone who lives in the Midwest. It’s not a popular dislike. I don’t like falling (skiing and skating). I’m tall. It’s a long way down.

18) I prefer to dip my french fries in mayo rather than ketchup.

19) I have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to my dream home and I spend a lot of time thinking about it. It’s a very real desire and goal of mine. I want a small cottage-like home, with a large porch with a swing cozy enough to sleep on and rocking chairs to watch a summer storm. Lots of plants inside and out, some flowering trees can spot the yard. A sunny, warm kitchen with a window over the sink, the bathroom has to have a great soaking tub, the upstairs can be cozy. I’d rather keep a minimalist house with lots of room for my books and area for my writing life. A yard for vibrant flowers and a garden. (including and not limited to berry bushes, grape vines, fruit trees, various vegetables, lavender, lilacs, wisteria and other majestic climbing plants)Read all about it here. 🙂

20) I’m very sarcastic. In case you haven’t noticed before in all my other posts. Haha! It’s like a second language to me, a whole form of communicating. When I find someone who can match my humor and sarcasm I get very excited and we become best friends forever.

21) I LOVE elephants! They are beautiful, majestic, smart, and sweet creatures. I’d own one if I could. I read that they look at humans the same way humans look at dogs. Think about that! An elephant looks at me and you and thinks, “Aw how cute!” My heart.

22) I really really really love history. Especially the American Colonial era and the 20th Century. In fact I considered becoming an archaeologist in college. I love stories about discovered shipwrecks, and deceased colonies, salvaged war planes and so on. Honestly, I’ll spend a day binge watching documentaries on all of these topics if I could.

23) I enjoy a good roadtrip. I’m in the middle of planning one right now. If you want to take the leap and do one on your own check out Roadtrippers.com it’s amazing. Enough said.

24) I’ve dipped my toes and/or swam in the Atlantic Ocean, The Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Ocean, and two of the Great Lakes. (If you ever get the chance check out The Sleeping Bear Dunes on Lake Michigan on a warm summer day. It’s amazing. On a sunny day they say you can see as many as 14 different shades of blue in the water. How’s that for beautiful?)

25) I have a love/hate relationship with reading. In school I read so much I won awards and set records. Post school I still read but not nearly enough. Like a muscle, picking it back up to take it seriously is slow going. I got so frustrated when it seemed to take forever to finish a chapter or I’d find myself falling asleep. Gah! I’m getting much better though. Getting the app “Litsy” is GREAT. If you want to follow me, I’m down! Contact me for my info, boo. It’s like an Instagram for readers. It’s AHmazing. Check it out.

26) YAY! Bonus round! baha! I am obsessed with Ariel yoga. I wish a studio near me offered it. If you don’t know what that is, check it out. I follow the hashtag on IG and its got me sooo mesmerized!

27) I am IN LOVE (yes, another thing) with Edwardian clothing. There are some amazing Instagramers out there who make the most stunning dresses for women. I have a weakness for the light white dresses they wore. A dream is to make one for myself for the summer, and possibly let my wedding dress look similar (if I ever get married).

TaDaaa random facts about yours truly.

Happy Birthday to ME!

Love& Hugs

The Mild Millennial


One thought on “It’s my Birthday!

  1. 2. So, you visited my home country 🇯🇲 Jamaica 🤜🏽

    12. B1 Lancer- check out the Air Force air shows

    15. Yes to adventure. I am overdue for a out of country vacation
    16. Very good idea using music to help someone

    Happy B-day

    Liked by 1 person

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