Review: Madame President – LUSH Bath Bomb

Madame President is a Mother's Day exclusive from Lush. I chose this one today because of it's vibrant color....and the fact that it was falling apart quickly in my vanity drawer. Yikes. This bomb was quick to disolve, and moved in the water quickly. The yellow star takes the longest to disolve it seems. reading Review: Madame President – LUSH Bath Bomb

Review: Sakura Bath Bomb- LUSH

Lush came out with this Sakura bath bomb boasting springtime scents. I put off using is since it didn't look particularly exciting or strong. It smelled like a garden however, and was blessing my bathroom with a great strong scent. I tossed it in the water and it disovled quickly. I liked this one a … Continue reading Review: Sakura Bath Bomb- LUSH

Review: Unicorn Bubble Bar – Lush

This week was EXTRA bubbly. And it was magical. I tried the LUSH Unicorn Bubble Bar. Sadly this item has been discontinued...being seasonal and all. I'll do my best to get to the popular stuff faster in the future. It turned the water a rich magenta/ purple color that lasted and delivered an abundance of … Continue reading Review: Unicorn Bubble Bar – Lush

Review: AvoBath Bathbomb – Lush

Ahhhh spring has been in the air and I needed energy this week. By golly, that's what I got. The Avobath bomb was a snappy little number I grabbed at the store becasue it smelled fresh and clean and happy.  It was big too! I can still smell it. Ahhh. Containing Lemongrass Oil, Fresh Avacado, Organic Extra … Continue reading Review: AvoBath Bathbomb – Lush