Lush came out with this Sakura bath bomb boasting springtime scents. I put off using is since it didn’t look particularly exciting or strong. It smelled like a garden however, and was blessing my bathroom with a great strong scent. I tossed it in the water and it disovled quickly.

I liked this one a lot becasue it did indeed soften the skin. I felt refreshed, brightened, and softened after an hour in the water with his cocktail of springtime. Cherry blossom and Mimosa are evidently the strognest scents in this bathbomb, but I smelled the lemon grass and sea salt, as well as jasmine most of all. This bath was calming and invigorating to the senses. The water, if kept warm is soothing as well, the bomb leaves the water a cloudy white, with no desired cleanup.

As I said, it disolved qucikly and did not require any cleanup afterwards this is a bathbomb I’d suggest for anyone who needs refreshed with very little stress. Perfect for a first date prep to feel fresh and smell like a subtle garden or a post-workweek morning bath to jumpstart the weekend with a fresh energy.

Zero oil residue, no clean up, refreshing scent, but not totally visually pleasing.

4 out of 5 cherry blossom trees for this bath bomb



The Mild Millennial


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