Madame President is a Mother’s Day exclusive from Lush. I chose this one today because of it’s vibrant color….and the fact that it was falling apart quickly in my vanity drawer. Yikes.

This bomb was quick to disolve, and moved in the water quickly. The yellow star takes the longest to disolve it seems.

The moment it was plunged into the water it released a very strong earthy aroma. Without looking up it’s profile I’d assumed there would be some citrus but this was not so. This bomb was much more pugnet, similar to plunging your face in a pile of discarded shrubbery. Not awful, but you have to want to smell it and REALLY want to soak yourself in its tea. Lush’s site says it’s featured ingrediant was Petitgrain Oil. I’ve never heard of it, but if that’s what bottled shrubbery smells like, someone could have smashed a bottle and set off a bomb (buh dum tsss!). It felt pretty heady, you have to want something this strong.

As you can see , the water turns a faomy and dark purple. The foam lasts less than 5 mintes but the purple stays vibrant. One surprise was the gold glitter that rolls and shimmers. There was generous helping in the water, which I did indeed love. (this water dragon does love her gold glitter)

Hopefully this shot does it justice.


The water was whimsical with the gold glitter.

This bath bomb did make me wish I was Madame President however, so I wouldn’t have to clean up the pink residue left over in the corners of my tub!

Over all, visually pleasing before and after water, but that’s about it. The aroma was not pleasing.

2 out of 5 Spangled Stars for Madame President.



The Mild Millennial


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